Why Fair Trade?

In 2017 Uprise Food's was named in support of uprising against a food system that beats workers down, is cruel to animals, and is poisoning our bodies and the world we live in. We believe that as a company, every producer and supplier that we support represents what we believe in and are trying to accomplish. 

The Journey of Cashews

Do you know what cashews, mangos, pistachios, and poison ivy all have in common? They are all members of the Anacardiaceae family, and to varying degrees, they all contain the toxin urushiol, the "poison" in poison ivy.

Cashews contain urushiol in the shell, and sadly, this toxin can have adverse health effects on the processors who remove the cashew shells by hand. With over a million cashew processing workers in India alone, the caustic nature of urishiol can damage the hands, eyes, and lungs of workers. In cashew-producing countries, workers often work in unsafe conditions, sometimes with children working with parents, and rarely earning what we would consider to be a living wage. 

We learned about the farm to table journey of cashews shortly after we began making our NOOCH IT! Cashew Grated Cheeze, and from that day forward, we never used a cashew that wasn't fair trade again. 

Supporting Fairtrade

Certified Fair Trade Cashews are the way to enjoy this delicious nut, and the many plant cheeses derived from them, while knowing that the workers producing them are paid a living wage and work in a safe environment.

Uprise Foods is proud to have our NOOCH IT! Cashew Grated Cheese fairtrade certified through Fairtrade International, the founders of the global fair trade initiative. 

Ben Taylor, Founder - Uprise Foods