Are your cashews certified fair trade?

Yes. We have used certified fair trade cashews since our second month of operation in the spring of 2017. As of August 2020, Uprise Foods and NOOCH IT! are certified fair trade through Fairtrade International, the world's founder and leader of the fair trade movement. 

Do you use organic ingredients? 

We use 100% certified organic ingredients with the exception of our nutritional yeast which is non-GMO. 

Can you tell us more about your nutritional yeast?

Our nutritional yeast is produced in the United States, non-GMO and certified Vegan, Halal-compliant, and Kosher. The nutritional yeast is fortified and the B-12 is from cyanocobalamin which is produced by natural fermentation - not a synthetic or animal source.

Is NOOCH IT! gluten-free?

Yes, it has been third-party tested and is verified gluten-free. The ALLER-TEK® Gluten ELISA has been validated and certified with license no. 081202 as a Performance Tested Method by the AOAC Research Institute.  


What type of packaging is used for NOOCH IT!? Is it recyclable? 

NOOCH IT! is currently packaged in recyclable four-ounce BPA-free recyclable plastic bottles, and twelve-ounce recyclable stand-up pouches.

We are looking at the best ways to support bulk and refill use, while at the same time promoting affordability and access of dairy-free cheeze alternatives.


How long will it take for my NOOCH IT! to arrive?

Amazon Prime: Free two-day shipping

Uprise Foods: Within one week from the date of purchase depending on the location of the shipping address. Many orders arrive within 2-3 days.