Story + Mission

The Mission

Uprise Foods is founded on the belief that we are what we eat. We are committed believers that food should be both a pleasure and a critical factor to our good health.

We believe in ingredient transparency- from seed to plate. Our mission is to use certified fair trade and organic ingredients to provide delicious and healthy foods and pantry staples that help create a more just and sustainable world


Our Story

Uprise Foods is an independent family-owned plant-based food company based in the Greater Boston area. Uprise is founded on the principle that healthy food can be delicious and compassion tastes as good as it feels.

Like so many others in recent years, there came a point where I found out that my food was not what I thought it was, and that what seemed to be balanced might not be good for me after all. Along the way, my eating habits became filled with foods that were tasty, good for the environment, and compassionate… all in the same bite.

My journey began when I realized the positive impact plant-based foods have on our health, the environment, and in preventing unnecessary suffering. For nearly two years I wrote about the perils of dangerous contaminants and unseen cruelty within our food system, exploring how we got to where are today, and looking for solutions that can lead to a healthy and sustainable future.

Eventually I came to the conclusion that I wanted to do more than just write. Leveraging my knowledge of healthy food and marketing experience with my management background, building Uprise Foods began. As Uprise has grown, my partner and wife, Gwen Taylor has brought her Master’s in biochemistry and passion for accounting into the equation, and now also plays a substantial role in our success.

Each us starts that journey in a different way, and for different reasons. For some it’s health, while for others it may be planetary stewardship or a compassionate lifestyle. Regardless of the reasons, every journey begins with a first step.

Ben Taylor, Founder – Uprise Foods